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Lace replacement (Deposit required)

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lace tint ( your skin tone)

This service is ONLY for lace replacement.

if you have a unit still looking good but it needs a lace replacement

you have to have the same exactly lace did construction the wig for EXAMPLE if your wig did constructs with 4*4 lace you have to provide the same size YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL PROVIDE THE LACE, if you would like me to provide the lace email me i don't have lace on hands it should be a pre order 1 week an advance.


remove the old lace, replace the new lace,

bleach lace, customized, 

also wash the hair

deep conditioning and style

if you would like to ADD BAND $10 leave a note on your order. If you need a extra style $10 

if the hair length 26 - up you will charge $20 fee.

The price for the service CLOSURE $70 FRONTAL $100

this service processing 5-7 business days not including weekend or holidays. once you book this service you have at least 1 week to drop off or ship your hair, the day we receive the hair the day we will work on it.

FOR DROP OFF: you will schedule the day and time will be good for you on my booking site to drop off your hair

NOTE: if your wig does have color EMAIL ME the color hair your wig has IF I CAN ACHIVE IT. 

the $30 paid for deposit (required) for CLOSURE, for FRONTAL $40 deposit (required) towards to your balance.

after service it's done you will get a notification for your DUE PAYMENT $40  CLOSURE/ $50 FRONTAL will pay in cash when you pick up your hair.

OR will pay via Zelle or cash App once your DUE payment is complete, we will ship your hair to you will take 5-7 business days not including weekend or holidays.


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